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Let our lighthouse events guide you to greater insight on talent management

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There’s an ocean of information on talent management but it isn’t always well organised or presented in an easy to use format. Rather than search for what you need, let Hudson shine a light on the talent management topics of the day.

Our signature Lighthouse events are unique in the recruitment and talent management industry. We offer free, invitation-only thought leadership sessions packed with information critical to human resource professionals. Our lighthouse events include the latest on employment, HR and talent management trends and provide a great opportunity for networking.

In the past we have prepared for you these topics

  • CEO Lighthouse event
  • High Potentials
  • Compensation & Employee Rewards
  • Succession Planning

This year we are preparing an event on "Emerging Leaders". Details of event are available here

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All our consultants are required to continuously update their human resources knowledge through our rigorous Hudson Academy Centre of Excellence training.

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